Introduction from the Executive Director - Rafael Truan Blanco


From the side of a snowy mountain in a little ski resort high in the Austrian Alps, where we had our first annual conference in 1989 with no more than 16 colleagues who became close friends linked in mutual trust, to the current international law network that we are now with a worldwide presence and more than 1.000 lawyers, the Law Firm Network has gone through a tremendous growth and transformation maintaining the values of trust and high level of professionalism as standards of our organization.

We are genuinely global, but our purpose is to serve our customers locally. We work on cross border issues, advising in close proximity to the head legal counsels of small, medium and multinational companies. Our members are accustomed to working on international matters, in the manner that such matters require, while bringing local experience and in-depth local legal knowledge.

We group under the umbrella of this Network because it allows us to provide better services to our client, a structure of costs which are not those of large firms, hence a flexible fee structure policy and the ability to have top legal professionals in different jurisdictions.

We produce legal publications that keep you updated on market and legal developments around the world, encourage academic work and foster interaction along lawyers by having a lawyer’s exchange programme. Our CSR supports organizations that make an impact in their community, wherever the Network travels around the world we collaborate with organizations linked to our members and clients.

As Executive Director, I manage and serve as the face of the Association. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on us.


rafaeltb_sml.jpgRafael Truan Blanco

Executive Director, The Law Firm Network